Give your cat what she deserves – Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Give your cat what she deserves – Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Give your cat what she deserves – Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Cat Food is one of several products on pet food market which is manufactured by Blue Buffalo Company. It is one of the better products available to buy because it doesn’t have poisonous elements that can cause cancer in cats. Actually the company was found mainly because owner’s dog Blue died as a result of cancer.

All the products include real meat – let that be fish or poultry. Along with meat come wholesome cereals, healthy fruit and veggies. Blue Buffalo is the only company which puts something unique inside their food – dark kibbles which are generally a mix of nutrients (natural vitamins, antioxidants and minerals). Those are called LifeSource Bits and they are intended to improve cat’s immune system, guard them from bad environmental impacts and support their specific life phase needs. None of the products contain any meat by products at all. All foods are also free of corn, wheat, soy and artificial additives.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food products can be found in several size and shapes. They are available in dry and canned formulas. Bags weigh from 2.5 to 12 pounds.

Products are organized into different food lines according to cat’s body weight, age and sensitivities.

Blue line is ordered into several age categories – for kittens, for grownup cats and for mature cats. Food in this line consists of white meats, garden vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

Blue Longetivity line is meant to lengthen cat’s life. It also reduces weight problems since calorie consumption is way lower than concurrent products. It provides anti aging nutrients like omega 3, garden vegetables and fruit, grains,… Those supply plenty of vitamins C and E, Beta Carotene and B Complex. This line is split into age ranges.

Blue Basics is a line made for cats prone to food sensitivities.

Blue Wilderness is dry cat food and is marketed as high protein and low carbohydrate pet food. It’s created for outdoor cats since it includes complex carbs that are alternative to raw food diet. 45% of proteins is guaranteed.

Additionally , there is Blue Healthy Gourmet line that is supposed to be cats “fine dining”. It is canned food. A few of the products for instance are: Flaked Chicken, Flaked Salmon, Flaked Tuna, Flaked Turkey,…

Overall Blue Buffalo Cat Food is among the finest out there. It is not the lowest priced but it’s guaranteed high quality. The majority of customers have absolutely nothing but good to say about Blue Buffalo Cat Food products. The latest survey revealed a really high score of 9.4/10: 8.5 for cost, 9.5 for availability, 10 for ingredients and 9.5 for taste.

About the Author

Mitja Kugnic is pet professional. In his career he worked well with plenty of household pets and encountered alot of foods out there on the market. He advises Blue Buffalo Cat Food for cats of any age and breed.