Is there anyway to overcome depression on your own?

Is there anyway to overcome depression on your own?

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Is there anyway to overcome depression on your own?

Questioni''ve been depressed for a while now it started when i was in my teens i thought it was just something that would go away after awhile or that i would eventually get over my problems now its almost my 23 birthday and things have gotten worse the few friends i had really don''t understand having these constant negative feelings so they kinda avoid me now no woman has ever liked me i have no family to confide in my grades are failing im on academic probation. and its hurts more burying my sadness putting on a fake smile day after day a couple days ago i considered taking my own life for the first time i didn''t think it would ever come to this i would appreciate anyone''s advice i just wanna feel like a normal person for onceBest AnswerLOL. A lot of people would say ''Yes, you can get over depression by yourself. Just GET OVER it!'' 8^)

I had much the same problem as you at your age. I think I just grew out of it after leaving school, getting a job, having my own life. But it might have been attitude changes that did it. I think I learned to accept myself for what I was, to be happy with myself. Depression is our way of punishing ourselves when we feel we are inadequate in some way, when we don''t live up to our own expectations for ourself.

I dated during all this time, and I had about the average success I guess. But I never really found a girl I could connect with, one who liked me for who I was. I had lots of girls who''d go out with me, but not as man second dates and very few fourth or fifth dates. When I was 33 I decided I was probably just meant to be alone, that dating wasn''t worth the trouble. I stopped thinking about girls as: "Gosh, I wonder if she''d go out with me." I found things I liked to do alone (I bought a big motorcycle, actually something I''d wanted for a long time). And then I met her! In a night class at a community college. -She- asked -me- out. We''ve been together ever since. I always thought it was ironic that I finally found real love only after giving up on it. But it made me think that all those years I was just trying too hard.

First things first, though, the academic probation. You have to try to concentrate on that. Depression makes it hard to concentrate, and that''s the problem. But if you flunk out of school it''s only going to make you angrier with yourself, and so more depressed.Other Answerhmm understood teens are a large group facing depession...aside from teenage have you ever asked yourself what would make you happy...depression stems from family misery and disapointments....i bet if you started running or walking a distance everyday....your symptoms will subside.try it if it continuos see a specilist...since your so youg atch out for anti depressants any plans on having children will be out the window horrible birth defectsStress, depression, anxiety and worry are all health problems that can trigger off further health problems.

Anxiety, stress, worry and depression can cause over 100 health problems as in;_ylt=A…

Prescription medication for anxiety, stress, depression and worry can give you bad side effects so natural remedies are often much better.

Natural remedies for anxiety, stress, worry and depression include Yoga, Melatonin, St John''s Wort, Valerian Root, other herbs, vitamins and other remedies as in…You need to be strong. Remember the only person you can depend on in life is yourself. You need to realize one day it is going to get better and don''t let anyone bring you down.Are you physically active?

Exercise can help you overcome depression, it will be hard at first to start exercising, but after a while you will feel better.

Good LuckTagsyour depression overcome anyway there

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