Men have plastic surgery too Health News For Families

Men have plastic surgery too  Health News For Families

Wanting to be attractive to the opposite sex is something that everyone strives for. It is a part of our nature, and is an important necessity of our reproduction abilities. Cosmetic surgery is one way to better our looks, and has been a method that women have used for many years. However, a new trend is gaining popularity, and that is cosmetic surgery for men.

Even though women still have the most cosmetic procedures performed on them, procedures for men are increasing each year. Some procedures are done for aesthetic reasons, while others are done to fix medical conditions. The most common plastic surgery performed on men is nose jobs, eyelid surgery and liposuction. Nose jobs, or Rhinoplasty, are procedures performed to either alter the look of a man’s nose. This could be to smooth out a bump or fix crookedness. Eye lid surgery is a common procedure done to get rid of under and over eye wrinkles. Liposuction is a well know type of surgery where you remove fat from several storages on your body, to look slimmer and more fit.

All these surgeries fall under the category cosmetic surgery procedures. But there are also the popular minimally invasive procedures, which don’t require a lot of time healing afterwards. Probably the most well known procedure is getting Botox injected in your face. This is done to paralyze certain facial muscle with the effect of giving you fewer wrinkles.

Laser hair removal is also popular. The procedure works by taking hair from one part of your head and placing it on another non-hair growing part of your head.

The main reasons for doing plastic surgery for men are probably the same as for women; an urge to look and feel better. The question remains whether beauty comes from the inside or the outside, because surgery can only fix one of them.

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