Fast Beauty: 1,000 Quick Fixes Health Fruits and Foods

Fast Beauty: 1,000 Quick Fixes  Health Fruits and Foods

Product b> Rona Berg knows that sometimes women have dry skin. Or exhausted eyes. Or limp hair. Or a pimple. And as a beauty expert, she knows exactly what to do about it. Based on years for the beauty industry, working behind the scenes at fashion shows, fixing actresses and models’ beauty meltdowns, and learning insider information from hundreds of consultants and make-up artists, Ms. Berg-author Beauty: The New Basics em>, with 122 000 duplicates in print until 1000 the ideal deals tried and true tips. Indexed by problem and solution, is Fast Beauty em> indispensable, filled with the kind of advice, ideas, and helping to sell millions of women’s magazines a month. Spa Reviews. Anti-stress tips. The “20-second face,” “The two-minute face”, the “five-minute face. “Using Innovative Medicines: Rub olive oil into dry cuticles soft to them, honey, get rid of, place on a pimple temporarily overnight, the face, apply tomato juice (preferably freshly squeezed) for ten minutes, and for the reverse-if your grappling right in front of lots of sun-application of natural yoghurt on the skin and leave for ten minutes. A complete chapter shows how to experience the beauty of the pitfalls by hormones at all stages of life, to solve, another deals with various problems caused by work. And for each businesswoman busy, he tells what swift fix to use when heading into an important meeting right away the red-eye position, or directly from the office on a blind date.

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