How To Exercise With Aqua Fitness Gloves

How To Exercise With Aqua Fitness Gloves


Even in water you can develop strength. While the exercises cannot reach very high intensity, the other exercises there are more specific because they use the gesture of the race, and then develop a precise muscles used in swimming. The main method is to create more friction and resistance to the swimmer, or for them to exert more force to each arm or leg.

The use of these tools is restricted to swimmers, but covers anyone with a minimal familiarity with the water and can swim a few laps discreetly below. Sometimes, even the need to vary the workout stimuli may be useful to use different tools to develop more strength. We start from the most common and popular, valid for all:


PDAs palette:

There are marketing special handheld palette, applied to the hands, allow to develop more strength in water.


These have therefore been specially designed to increase the sensitivity of the hand during the stroke and to increase the development of forearm muscle. Facilitate these pallets, unlike other types of pallets, hand movement in water. The mini-pallets cover all the fingers but not the palm or thumb. This causes the maximum water pressure on all fingers. And ''this resistance that forces the forearm muscle to undergo special training. Finally, the absence of the blade on the palm helps not to lose sensitivity with water.



Tablets can be used to isolate the movement of the legs and concentrate on it and train more effectively. During the swim complete it, his legs carrying only action of stabilizing and propulsive little, apart from the frog, not much work, then, in general. Therefore, with the tablet you can train better, perhaps alternating baths of mild to walk with others at higher rates. You can also take the time these tanks legs with the tablet to record improvements.

Pull boy

This is a floating tool, usually of hard sponge, to be held between her thighs. It increases the buoyancy of the legs, allowing the work to focus only on the arms. It is useful to combine the use of elastic ankles or pallets.

Aqua fitness is one of the most extraordinary types of fitness, because it guarantees to work out all the muscle groups, just like swimming. Many people prefer aqua fitness because it seems easier since it is practiced in water. I have been asked how to exercise with aqua fitness gloves. Well, if you are one of those who are curious how to exercise with aqua fitness gloves, than the answer is very simple. You exercise normally, but you use the aqua fitness gloves for a smoother performance in water. Aqua fitness gloves are mainly used when you work out the upper part of your body, because they facilitate movement in water.

You can find lots of models of aqua fitness gloves on the internet. Here are some examples of sites where you can purchase online your own aqua fitness gloves:, or Good luck!