The Paleo Skin Diet: How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally

The Paleo Skin Diet: How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally
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Around 85-95 percent of people experiences acne at some point in their life and unfortunately I am not included on those lucky 5 -15 percent. I am combating this sentiment for 13 years and I have tried to calm myself by believing that my on and off acne problem is mainly due to my forebear’s genetics. Well my Mom had a worse case and she just totally got rid of it when she reached her 50’s. But who wants to wait that long to achieve a pimple free- fair skin and have the confidence to get out, socialize and meet people? Try to visit a dermatologist or just input your keyword on a search engine and they will offer you lots of option from e-book programs to confusing topical or systemic therapies (dermatological or self- prescriptions) or possibly surgeries. With this, business is making its way because these “OPTIONS” always equates with “MONEY”. But why go for luxurious ways when we can beat this on our own by knowing the biochemistry of acne, knowing yourself and your diverse nature. It’s like the famous PALEO diet for losing weight, in this case, the Paleo Skin diet that focuses on getting back to basic and natural ways of getting rid of acne.

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Let’s have a brief methodology on how acne develops to better understand our tricks in battling it. Testosterone combines with enzymes and stimulates in increased volume production of Sebum which is converted into free fatty acids by Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacterium. This causes extreme production of cells and cellular debris and blocks the hair follicle trapping the bacteria in it. Having an anaerobic characteristic, these bacteria trapped are actually getting more excited and that means promoting more activities that cause infections and voila- an acne! For severe acne, note that another cause is our abnormal response for the presence of this bacterium so this is a genetic origin that cannot be battled upon without varying our body’s response. In short this is out of our scope and we will not be dealing with that. Be also warned that there are other common doings that stimulate this activity and pointing each is a bit tedious.

So how do we start? It’s either you battle with getting the right formula of your hormones (which is quite a bit difficult) or eradicate these bacteria thriving on your skin. This means having a lifestyle check of all the DO’s and DON’T’s for an acne free skin by having these natural twitches.

1. Start with the Inside and Have a Proper Diet. This means listing all those skin’s friends and foes and do the math of adding and subtracting these:

  • Water is a universal treat with a clinically recommended intake of six to eight glasses a day. This avoids dehydration that may lead to excessive production of oil and sebum of your skin glands. It also flushes toxins that are known to trigger acne production.
  • Get rid of Bad fats and consume polyunsaturated essential oils (Omega6 and Omega3 oils). Omega6 oil is also called as linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that is proven to be anti-inflammatory and calming to the skin. On the other hand, when this component is not present, the sebum produces oleic acid or Omega9: a skin enemy which irritates the skin and promotes acne.
  • Eat Raw or Lightly Vegetables as these are sources fiber and essential minerals that make your system toxin free.
  • Incorporate zinc at your diet such as Lean red meat and whole grains. This plays a critical role in enzymatic reactions in your body that are anti-acnes.
  • Lessen dairy products intake as research suggested that there is an increase of acne occurrence for those consuming higher amount of dairies per week.

2. Try these Natural Hormone Balancing Delightful Teas

  • Green Tea: Aside from its capability to reduce redness and inflammation and fight acne causing bacteria, its wonder stretches in preventing excessive hormonal activities which in turn targets the root cause of hormonal influenced acne formation.
  • Spearmint Teas: Known to have anti-androgen properties and research showed that 2 cups per day reduces levels of Testosterone. This means a lot for women taking contraceptives just to control excessive acne.

3. Fight Acne Causing Bacteria or Reduce Swelling with These Little Known Tricks. The cheat is finding inexpensive, readily available and natural anti-bacterial agents and inflammatory suppressants. This is a great step in finding natural ways to get rid of acne. Hard to believe because these facts are less known to people. But it’s here and you’re now informed so this is worth a try.

  • Fresh garlic to be rubbed routinely on areas affected four times a day. Just deal with the smell
  • Equal quantities of Lemon juice and rosewater to be applied especially on the affected area. If rosewater is not available then a lemon juice at its own will do. Leave for 20-30 minutes and wash with warm water afterwards.
  • Raw potato to be applied unto the skin. Yes you heard it right! Raw potato can condition your skin with vitamins plus its alkaline nature prevents acne by breaking down acne causing bacteria on your pores.

4. Natural Exfoliation to Remove Dead Skin Cells or Cellular Debris which accumulates on the surface of the skin and contributes to hair follicle blockage. Try these homemade natural scrubs that are easy to prepare and readily available for your convenience. You can experiment with baking soda, sugar, coffee and oatmeal scrubs. You aren’t preparing a breakfast here but seems like fun and inexpensive thing to do.

With the immense knowledge dissemination and the birth of new technological realms of skin care any type of acne can now be possibly remedied through atypical methods. But there are natural ways of getting rid of acne and your skin needs a gentle technique of skin care. SO why settle for synthetics when nature has its way of helping out without causing you worries. This will not promise you a quick and absolute result, instead a clearer hope for a healthy acne treatment is the best assurance it can offer to everyone. These are worth a try.