clinical technology - clinical technology

clinical technology - clinical technology

dmf.ieClinical Information System, Health Care Information Biomedical Ltdwww.biolase.comBiolase Technology, Inc.www.biopharm.comBioPharm Systems: IT Services for Clinical Trials Industry...www.cwglobalconsult.comHealth Care Systems Integration and Data Warehousing Consultingwww.diabetestechnologies.comDiabetes Technologies - A1c Diagnostic Kits, Diabetic Education.www.dynarand.comUnited BioSource Corporation: Clinical Technologies (formerly...www.edit-technologies.comSite 01www.epixmed.comEpix Pharmaceuticals - MRI and MRA pharmaceutical technologywww.eqintl.comMedical Equipment Planners - EQ Internationalwww.glycofi.comGlycoFi Next Generation Biotherapeutics unprecedented control...www.hctech.comHealth Care Technologieswww.hitecdentist.comSeltzer Institutewww.htmed.comHIGH TECHNOLOGY INC.-Laboratory Equipment, Reagents and...www.khandelwallab.commanufacturing, marketing, testing of pharmaceutical, oncology,...www.masterplan-inc.comMasterplan Inc., a leader in clinical technology management...www.mcp.orgPrinceton HealthCare Systemwww.perrin-consulting.chperrin-consultingwww.phtcorp.comPHT: Proven electronic patient diary solutions that enable...www.riverton-hospital.comRiverton Memorial Hospital - Committed to care in the UK, Eye care in the UK, Ocularists in the...www.symetric.caClinical data management technologies and biostatisticswww.adventrx.comADVENTRX Pharmaceuticalswww.matritech.comClinical Trial Backgroundwww.antivirals.comAVI Biopharma - NeuGene Clinical Development Overviewwww.axonyx.comAxonyx: Clinical - Clinical Trialswww.biomarinpharm.comBioMarin – Technology and Clinical Expertisewww.genzyme.comGenzyme''s Research and Development - Technology Platformswww.genelabs.comGenelabs Technologies, Inc. - Development - Prestara...www.parexel.comClinical Trials Management, PAREXEL International Products...www.regeneron.comRegeneronwww.worldheart.comClinical Information > WorldHeart - Technology for Lifewww.questdiagnostics.comQuest Diagnostics: Clinical Trialswww.nastech.comPartnerships - Nastechwww.genaissance.comGenaissance - Products and Services - HAP Technologywww.dendreon.comDendreonwww.xpd8llc.comXpediate consulting LLCwww.uysinc.comUYS is a computer consulting company providing coding, packaging and manufacturing for healthcare and...www.melyx.comMelyx Corporation - Excellence in Health Care Softwarewww.hisorg.comHealthcare information technology and engineering consulting services

Clinical Information System, Health Care Information Technologydmf.ieDMF Systems provide a range of products and services including System Integration Services, Allied Health Information Systems, Patient Accounting, Clinical Audit and Clinical Information Systems.

Advanced Biomedical Biomedical (ABL) specialises in the production and supply of custom-made and standard liposomes, lipids and peptides. High quality products are supplied rapidly and we have the expertise to advise upon the best product for your application. ABL also has a number of patented technologies utilising these products, including those for use in clinical diagnostics, drugs of abuse testing, pathogen detection and antibiotic susceptibility. These technologies have particular applications at the point of care due to their ease of use.

Biolase Technology, Inc.www.biolase.comThe Waterlase MD transforms the dental experients for patients and dentists. It enables dentists to perform minimally invasive, laser-assisted dentistry for dozens of hard and soft-tissue procedures, with fewer shots and less anesthesia. Its patented technology and powerful features have made the Waterlase MD the best-selling dental laser worldwide. Click here for more. The LaserSmile(T) is an advanced laser teeth whitening system which has received FDA clearances. Along with providing fast and effective in-office whitening, the LaserSmile is also a terrific soft-tissue laser! A warm welcome to the worldwide family of American Dental Laser owners! BIOLASE is pleased that you''re now with us! Click on the links below for more information about this transition. World Clinical Laser Institue - Dental Lasers - Education - Laser Symposiums

BioPharm Systems: IT Services for Clinical Trials Industry...www.biopharm.comBioPharm Systems is a consulting and information technology firm specializing in satisfying information system needs of the clinical trials industry. BioPharm''s services includes implementation and hosting of solutions for clinical data management, remote data entry, safety reporting, and trial management systems.

Health Care Systems Integration and Data Warehousing Consultingwww.cwglobalconsult.comHealth Care Consulting Services aimed to improve quality of care, decision support and clinical outcomes using cost effective technologies

Diabetes Technologies - A1c Diagnostic Kits, Diabetic Education.www.diabetestechnologies.comDiabetes and diabetic control products: A1C test kits, professional educational materials, clinical research, managed care, mean blood glucose monitoring journals.

United BioSource Corporation: Clinical Technologies (

Site 01www.edit-technologies.comEDIT Technologies, Inc. is a medical device and clinical laboratory consulting firm

Epix Pharmaceuticals - MRI and MRA pharmaceutical technologywww.epixmed.comEpix Pharmaceuticals - bringing MRI and MRA technology and solutions to market including MS-325 which could be the first imaging pharmaceutical specifically for magnetic resonance angiography with discovery technology, clinical expertise and pharmaceutical industry alliances.

Medical Equipment Planners - EQ Internationalwww.eqintl.comMedical Equipment Planners - EQ International, a leading Medical Technology Planning and Consulting firm, has served domestic and international healthcare providers for nearly 20 years. Our unique services and resources address the important issues surrounding medical technology - providing you with services beyond typical equipment planning needs. Our goal is to deliver total medical technology solutions that will achieve your clinical, operational and financial goals.

GlycoFi Next Generation Biotherapeutics unprecedented control...www.glycofi.comGlycofi is the leader in the development and production of next generation biotherapeutics - glycoproteins with superior performance characteristics based on controlling both amino acid sequence and glycan structure of the protein. GlycoFi’s technology is a broadly applicable therapeutic protein production platform that is replacing conventional mammalian cell culture. GlycoFi’s scalable protein expression technology is unique within the biotechnology industry. Therapeutic glycoproteins can be made with precise control over glycosylation. Using GlycoFi technology, protein structure-activity relationships (SARs) are rapidly elucidated at the R&D phase. The same cell lines producing research material can be used to produce material at the commercial-scale, permitting rapid transition from lab bench to clinical development and commercial launch. GlycoFi technology opens the GlycoDesign space by enabling unprecedented control over a protein’s glycosylation to meet desired therapeutic profiles regarding efficacy, tissue-specific targeting, frequency and quantity of administration, and reduction of side-effects.

Health Care Technologieswww.hctech.comHealthcare Technologies specializes in the development, registration, manufacture and marketing of clinical diagnostic test kits. The company, is committed to supplying its customers throughout the world with products of high quality, supported by intensive research and development programs, rigorous quality control procedures, and dedicated technical and customer service teams.

Seltzer Institutewww.hitecdentist.comWelcome to the Seltzer Institute - The Leader in High Tech Dentistry Information Technology! The Seltzer Institute is a continuing education and research facility devoted exclusively to teaching high tech management and clinical techniques to dentists and staff. Steve Seltzer has been a Consultant to dentists for over 12 years. His expertise has helped thousands of dentists worldwide. Steve gives lectures for the ADA and other dental groups across America and around the world.

HIGH TECHNOLOGY INC.-Laboratory Equipment, Reagents and...www.htmed.comRefurbished, reconditioned, second hand, laboratory, clinical, ultrasound equipment, Chemistry Analyzers, Hematology Analyzers, Centrifuges, Coagulation Analyzers, Flow Cytometers, Gamma Counters, Gas Chromatograph, Electrolyte Analyzers, Blood Gas Analyzers, Spectrophotometers, Osmometers, Microplate Readers, EKG, Ultrasound Systems, scaner, Ventilators, Immunoassay, Microscopes, AVL, Abbott, Beckman, Bayer, Coulter, Ciba, Corning, Chiron, Hitachi, BMD, Roche, IL, Instrumentation, Laboratory, Technicon, TOA, Sysmex, IEC, Sorvall, MLA, ACL, Becton Dickinson, Isodata, ICN, Medica, Nova, Radiometer, Bush & Lomb, B&L, Spectronic, Stat Fax, Awarness Technology, Fukuda Denshi, Burdick, Hewlett Packard, Aloka, Bird, Bear, Sechrist, Aridyne, ATL, Tecan, Acuson, GE, Colonhydropherapy,Acuson

manufacturing, marketing, testing of pharmaceutical, oncology,...www.khandelwallab.comKhandelwal Laboratories, India - manufacturers of ndds, api, chiral, generic, oncology formulations, clinical research in oncology, pharmaceutical, medical marketing, promotion, ndds technologies development

Masterplan Inc., a leader in clinical technology management...www.masterplan-inc.comA national outsourcing organization, we serve a full range of healthcare organizations, hospitals, medical groups, diagnostic centers with technology management, medical equipment maintenance and management programs, for a wide range of medical equipment.

Princeton HealthCare Systemwww.mcp.orgPrinceton HealthCare System is a leading provider of healthcare services. A respected nonprofit, community teaching system, we offer compassionate care supported by advanced technologies and an outstanding medical staff with a high percentage of board certified physicians (99%). Through our affiliations with academic institutions, we are setting new standards in diagnostic and treatment protocols and achieving the very best clinical outcomes for our patients. Princeton HealthCare System is Redef

perrin-consultingwww.perrin-consulting.chPerrin Consulting, Clinical Information Technology Advice, is a consulting company based close to Basel, Switzerland, providing service in the area of drug safety, clinical information technology and validation service for regulated computer systems.

PHT: Proven electronic patient diary solutions that enable...www.phtcorp.comAdvanced Information Technology Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Pioneer in revolutionizing electronic Web data capture and control systems for managing clinical trials. PHT Corp provides pharmaceutical companies, CROs, biotechnology firms, and medical device companies with a technology-based infrastructure for the collection and processing of the data used in the development and marketing of pharmaceutical compounds

Riverton Memorial Hospital - Committed to Excellencewww.riverton-hospital.comRiverton Memorial Hospital is a 70-bed, acute care hospital facility located in Riverton, Wyoming. We offer high quality, cost-effective health care, innovative facilities, advanced technology and a well trained, organized clinical staff.

Eye care in the UK, Eye care in the UK, Ocularists in care in the UK, Eye care in the UK, Ocularists in the UK, Eye Care in Eire, Ocularists in Cheshire, Artificial Eyes, Cosmetic Eye Shells, Facial Prostheses, Robin Brammar Brammer, Ocularist, Laboratory fabrication of artificial eyes, body prostheses, maxillofacial, maxillofacial technology, ocular prosthetics, eye surgery, eye care, Provision of clinical fitting and laboratory fabrication of artificial eyes and cosmetic shells, Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK.

Clinical data management technologies and biostatisticswww.symetric.caSyMetric Sciences: Your competitive edge in clinical data management technology and biostatistical expertise.

ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticalswww.adventrx.comSan Diego based ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on clinical development of antiviral and anticancer technologies.

Clinical Trial Backgroundwww.matritech.comMatritech is a leading developer of proteomics-based diagnostic products for the early detection of cancer. Using its patented proteomics technology, Matritech has identified proteins correlated with breast, bladder, prostate, cervical and colon cancers. Matritech is one of the first companies to successfully employ proteomics to create diagnostic products.

AVI Biopharma - NeuGene Clinical Development Overviewwww.antivirals.comAVI BioPharma develops therapeutic products for the treatment of life-threatening diseases using two technology platforms: third generation NeuGene(tm) antisense drugs and cancer immunotherapy.

Axonyx: Clinical Trialswww.axonyx.comAxonyx, a biotechnology company engaged in the discovery, acquisition and development of proprietary pharmaceutical compounds and new technologies useful for the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders including Alzheimer''s Disease. - Clinical Trialswww.biomira.comBiomira is a biotechnology company applying its leading technology in immunotherapy and organic chemistry for the development of cancer therapeutics. The Company''s commitment to the development of products for the treatment of cancer is currently focused on synthetic therapeutic vaccines and innovative strategies for immunotherapy of cancer. We are the Cancer Vaccine People*.

BioMarin – Technology and Clinical Expertisewww.biomarinpharm.combiomarin, bmrn, commercial infrastructure, clinical expertise, biotech, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, biopharma, sales and marketing, technology, drug development, biomarin pharmaceutical

Genzyme''s Research and Development - Technology Platformswww.genzyme.comGenzyme has been a global leader in the development of protein therapeutics since our initial enzyme replacement therapy, Ceredase® (alglucerase injection), was approved for Type I Gaucher disease, a lysosomal storage disease (LSD), in 1991. Our continuing commitment to treating the LSDs has resulted in the approval of other enzyme replacement therapies: Cerezyme® (imiglucerase for injection), a second generation enzyme therapy for Gaucher disease; Aldurazyme® (laronidase) for Mucopolysaccharidosis I (in partnership with BioMarin); Fabrazyme® (agalsidase beta) for Fabry disease; and Myozyme® (alglucosidase alfa) in late stage clinical development for Pompe disease.

Genelabs Technologies, Inc. - Development - Prestara...www.genelabs.comGenelabs Technologies, Inc. is a global biopharmaceutical and diagnostics company focused on gene-regulating drug discovery; infectious diseases including hepatitis; and immunological disorders including lupus.

Clinical Trials Management, PAREXEL International Products...www.parexel.comFrom the earliest stages of drug and device investigations through clinical trials and commercialization, our experienced staff, global resources, and advanced technology help you reduce time-to-market, cost, and risk.

Regeneronwww.regeneron.comRegeneron is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and intends to commercialize therapeutic medicines for the treatment of serious medical conditions. Regeneron has therapeutic candidates in clinical trials for the potential treatment of obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer, and has preclinical programs in asthma, allergies, and other diseases and disorders. Regeneron''s platform technologies include Velocigene, FASTR, Targeted Genomics, Functionomics, and Designer Protein Therapeutics

Clinical Information > WorldHeart - Technology for

Quest Diagnostics: Clinical Trialswww.questdiagnostics.comQuest Diagnostics Clinical Trials is uniquely qualified to meet the central laboratory needs of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. Our extensive experience with large global trials helps your trials proceed efficiently. And our renowned research and development capabilities provide you with a decided advantage when transferring technologies or developing new assays for your study.

Partnerships - Nastechwww.nastech.comformulation development human clinical trials clinical testing macromolecules Nasal drug delivery technology tight junction biology research peptides proteins cGLP- cGMP- compliant

Genaissance - Products and Services - HAP Technologywww.genaissance.comHAP Technology, DNA-based, diagnostics, therapeutic products, GLP support, DNA Banking, GLP genotyping, clinical genetics, CLIA-licensed

Dendreonwww.dendreon.comOur mission at Dendreon is to target cancer and transform lives through the development of innovative cancer treatments.

Xpediate consulting LLCwww.xpd8llc.comXpediate consulting, LLC (XPEDIATE) is a consulting and product services organization managed by highly experienced and successful consulting executives. XPEDIATE helps its clients build value, manage risk and improve their performance.

UYS is a computer consulting company providing coding, ...www.uysinc.comUYS is a computer consulting company providing coding, consulting and solutions to Hospital Information Technology departments. UYS was founded in 1996 to provide quality support and development to solve the problems of today with the tools of today.

contract packaging and manufacturing for healthcare 9001 and GMP contract manufacturing and packaging services for UK pharmaceutical and healthcare companies for clinical trials and contract manufacture including liquids, tablets, blister packs powders and pouches with isolator and clean room facilities and medical device manufacture.

Melyx Corporation - Excellence in Health Care Softwarewww.melyx.comOur Mission is to provide excellence in computer software and services for health care facilities. We believe that establishing long-term relationships with our

Healthcare information technology and engineering consulting serviceswww.hisorg.comHealthcare consulting firm providing information technology and engineering services to healthcare organizations.

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