Health, Wealth and Fitness: The happiness and fitness friendship

Health, Wealth and Fitness: The happiness and fitness friendship

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There are times in your life, even when everything seems to be good, that you are just not going to be happy. Even care-free, well adjusted children have times when they are less than happy. Life has many obstacles; some easier to cope with than others. As you pursue happiness there always seems to be something or one that upsets the balance, but the key is to stay focus and get that happy spirit back.

To be happy is just a state of mind; it is what you you feel inside. You could have ''status'', a high paying job, money in the bank and an entourage of willing people around you, but will this bring true happiness? It depends on you, as happiness is your state of mind and how you feel about the situation you are in.

Happiness depends on your view and perspective of life and how you cope with events and situations. Are you welcoming of constructive criticism or do you get defensive? Do you turn every other event into a tragedy or do you learn from it and move on?

Most of us live busy lives, this is a phenomenon of 21st Century. However, constantly striving to slot an increasing amount of activity into a day will only leave you exhausted, stressed and definitely not happy.

Happiness does not have to be about money; of course financial pressures do bring their woes. It is important to find joy and happiness in situations and people around you and activities you can do with your friends and family. Think about them and enjoy and savour what people and nature have to offer you; a smile to a stranger, a warm greeting to a neighbour - provide not only you with happiness, but other people.

Make time in your life. Sort out issues that make you unhappy and focus on those that bring you happiness.

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